About us

Uganda Cancer Trust UK is a UK based charity raising money to support cancer treatment, education and care in Uganda. More than 60% of cancer deaths occur in developing countries, but only 5% of cancer spending.

The money we raise goes towards:

  • Supporting Ugandan organisations working to improve cancer treatment, care or education
  • Supporting individuals with cancer in Uganda, where the treatment needed far exceeds their ability to pay
  • Raising awareness of cancer in Uganda

By working with local partners in Uganda and others already engaged in these issues we are sure we can make a difference.

Find out more about what we’ve been up to in our latest Annual Report and read our Strategic Plan for the next three years.

Our partners

Uganda Cancer Trust UK is a UK based charity raising money to improve cancer treatment and care in Uganda. We do not implement projects on the ground – we think that local people and organisations are far better placed to do this.

Makerere and Mulago Palliative Care Unit (MMPCU) works with the clinical teams at Mulago Hospital, the Uganda Cancer Institute and other hospitals in Kampala to provide palliative care services where needed. They also work to improve awareness of palliative care and to address the psychological, emotional and practical needs of patients with life limiting conditions. We have partnered with MMPCU for several years supporting initiatives including volunteer visitor teams and an Information Nurse.

Advantage Africa is a UK-based charity supporting vulnerable people in East Africa. They reached out to us seeking help to fund cancer treatments for persons with albinism, and we have been delighted to help a number of individuals in this way.

The Uganda Cancer Society (UCS) has been reorganised in recent years in response to the increasing impact of cancer within Uganda. With their new strategic focus they are able to provide a more coordinated approach to tackling cancer, raising awareness and supporting patients and their families. We are pleased to be working with UCS particularly on ideas relating to providing patient support facilities.

Source of the Nile Union of Persons with Albinism (SNUPA)

Peter Ogik, the founder of SNUPA, is an inspirational person. As someone with albinism, he understands the difficulties and challenges of living as a person with albinism, and has advocated strongly to raise awareness. In 2018, he was chosen by the Obama Foundation as one of Africa’s emerging leaders – one of 200 people selected out of 10,000 applicants. Together with his supporters in SNUPA, they are making such a difference to individuals’ lives as well as helping to change the landscape for people with albinism across Uganda.

How we can help individuals

We aim to support as many individuals as possible by:

  • paying up to 10% of the treatment costs associated with any one person’s illness.
  • verifying the legitimacy of the case ahead of giving any money.
  • supporting a fundraising campaign for the individual through the Uganda Cancer Trust UK website and Givey. All individuals who have demonstrated that they have a legitimate case (regardless of whether we are able to help with funding treatment) will be able to run a fundraising campaign endorsed by Uganda Cancer Trust UK.  All funds raised will go directly to that specific individual’s treatment.

The person concerned must:

  • be a resident of Uganda.
  • be undergoing cancer treatment in Uganda.
  • be receiving treatment through the Uganda Cancer Institute at Mulago Hospital, unless this is not possible or practical (e.g. because of location).

If you want to find out more about funding for treatment costs contact info@ugandacancer.org.uk

10 years of Uganda Cancer Trust UK

Since 2009

Nearly £60,000 raised

  • 90% for specific cancer patient support projects
  • 5% for individual patient treatment costs
  • 5% on essential admin such as membership of Uganda Cancer Society and donation sites

Nearly 5000 cancer patients supported

  • with direct costs or
  • by the volunteers or
  • by the Information Nurse at Makerere and Mulago Palliative Care Unit

Who we are

Uganda Cancer Trust UK is a charitable trust registered in England and Wales. We are run entirely by volunteers. All the money we raise goes directly to individuals or organisations that help us improve cancer support and treatment in Uganda.

Our trustees are:

Jenny Aranha (Treasurer)

Jenny works in research funding. She developed a strong connection to Uganda during a year long stay working as a teacher. She is one of the founders of the charity.

Cathryn Hannah (Secretary)

Cathryn Hannah is a senior civil servant working in the Ministry of Justice. Like Jenny she developed a strong connection with Uganda while working as a volunteer teacher there and worked with Christine and Jenny to found the charity.

Liz Minton

Liz Minton was centre head of Maggie’s Cancer Caring Trust in Oxford which provides emotional and practical support to people and families affected by cancer.

Michael Minton 

Michael is a retired palliative care physician with experience of teaching and training in resource poor countries.

Christine Whitehouse (Chair)

Christine is one of the founder members of Uganda Cancer Trust UK, following the diagnosis and treatment of a dear friend Lydia for breast cancer at Mulago Hospital in 2009. Wanting to help improve the information and support provided to cancer patients through the charity has given an excellent excuse for continuing to visit this lovely country and develop further friendships. Now retired from managing a software company working in the healthcare market, Christine uses her business skills within the charity, but also helps to mentor the management development within the projects.